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Home NebulizersNebulizers and nebulizer accessories are one of the most effective methods of asthma treatment and the best way for people with asthma to get their medicine. The machine transforms a liquid medicine into a mist, which is then inhaled directly into the lungs.

Having a nebulizer at home as part of your asthma treatment plan make sense for patients who want to take better control of their asthma symptoms. Doctors agree that nebulizers such as the Omron Microair Handheld nebulizer are the most effective way for patients to take their medications. And with the some nebulizer, which is small enough to throw into a purse or briefcase, you can take your asthma meds while maintaining your busy lifestyle! Which means your asthma treatment doesn't have to interfere with your daily life. And this device is a great option for kids with asthma as well. You never know when your child will wind up having an allergy attack, and since the Omron nebulizer is so small, you can always have it in the car. So if your child suffers an asthma attack while at soccer practice, or during a visit to Grandma's, you'll never be caught unprepared and unable to give him the proper asthma treatment.



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